Biodata Sonification Feather

Listen to the music hidden in plants by detecting fluctuating microcurrents within a plant's leaf and translating those changes into MIDI.

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By translating microcurrent fluctuations occurring across the surface of a plant's leaf, this device generates MIDI notes allowing a user to listen into the invisible biological processes occurring within a plant. Originally built as the MIDI Sprout, then later as a biodata wifi daughter board for the Adafuit Circuit Playground, this is the continued evolution of my educational biodata sonification project. By using the Adafuit Feather ecosystem, biodata can be translated into serial MIDI, Bluetooth MIDI, WiFi MIDI, or even directly into musical sounds!

Based on a simple 555 timer circuit set as astable multivibrator, tiny changes in electrical conductivity are measured and turned into variable width pulses which are read by the microcontroller and changes are detected in code turning on LEDs and producing MIDI notes and control changes.

Listen in on the secret life of plants, and understand how your tools work!
  • 1 × LMC555 Clock and Timer ICs / Timer ICs
  • 1 × Optoisolator
  • 1 × 3v DCDC isolator
  • 1 × .0042uf capacitor
  • 5 × Neopixel

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