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Open Source Air Quality Detector

SaberOnGoSaberOnGo 12/09/2019 at 05:430 Comments


 1  High-precision imported sensors: PM2.5, PM10, CO2, HCHO, VOC, temperature and humidity, etc.

 2  The system is configured with multiple sensors, including vibration, and PCB temperature detection.

 3  2.8-inch color TFT display with color screen display.

 4  Touch sensing, vibration sensing, intelligent adjustment of screen brightness at night.

 5  In addition to the 5V USB power supply, it is equipped with a large-capacity imported lithium battery to provide air movement for air quality detection.

 6  Built-in SD card, standard configuration 2G SD card, can store 5 years of sensor data, support up to 32GB SD card.

 7  can connect to the computer to view sensor data, virtual U disk supports FAT, FAT32, exFAT file system.

 8  Support online upgrade firmware, support remote firmware upgrade.

 9  equipped with WIFI module, support network control function

 10  Optional GPRS module, can be placed outdoors, remote detection in the deep forest.

 11  Configure the mobile app, including IOS and Android versions.

 12  Supports up to 800 mA charging function to quickly fill the battery.

 13  Reserved external interface to connect sensors such as oxygen, carbon monoxide, etc.

 14  Scrubed acrylic shell, so addictive ^-^.

 15  black gold plated PCB, noble and generous, lead-free solder, components are RoHS compliant.