A dongle is a peripheral device that is plugged into the open port of your laptop/computer to help you transfer the important to a place that is much secure. Securing the important files of your organization is very important and by using, a dongle that is an essential device, which helps you to protect your important data.

 However, there are times when you need to give the copies of those files to your employee for that reason it is important to know how to make protected copies of your file, which would permit the users to access the document through validation as this will allow the employees to view the data or make modification if necessary.  Also, it is important to create copies of dongle just in case the device got damaged so you can recover the files easily.

Here is a complete guide for you to know what dongle is? How it is supposed to work and how you can make copies to secure your files? 

What is a USB Dongle and what it does?

A dongle is an adapter that connects to the computer to secure and protect the files an also performs the function to authenticate the user of the device.

Here is how a dongle works; when a programing function starts, it reaches for the dongle to attain the security code to proceed with its operation.

Making a duplicate of the Dongle

The most suitable and apt way to replicate a dongle or security key is a software called Dognlify. Special software that will let you share the dongle to other networks. Donglify eliminates the necessity of any additional hardware device to share dongles across networks. It enables the dongle to work implicitly so that it can be accessed remotely to any computer that is not even connected to it. Donglify provides a secure method to single-handedly duplicate the software and allow access to over a network.

USB Dongles can be duplicated in following ways through Donglify:

  • The unique feature Multi-connect allows the users to use USB dongles to make copies for more than one computer at the same time. This function is currently accessible only for HASP HL Pro, Sentinel HL Pro, SafeNet eToken 5110, and CodeMeter CmStick security keys.
  • Secure software that enables access to dongles from remote computers

  • What kind of software you use with this dongle.
  • Send us logs of your dongle sharing activity (we'll send you the info on how to do it)

Using Donglify is an outstanding solution when you want to access to a USB security key through remote computer. Also, you can use Flexihub - another software that performs similar function only it doesn’t consist of multi connect features.