Y-Gantry side plates and animation

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Oscar S.Oscar S. 12/11/2019 at 15:570 Comments

So the project has progressed a bit again. The side plates are in the making and almost finished today, just some cleaning, sanding and finishing up to do.

Y-gantry Side plate  - in progress

Secondly i finished the render of the CAD model that shows the folding mechanism. Note: Due to the fact that my trusty dual Xeon e5645 isn't really cutting it anymore these days, i had to remove pretty much all the screws from the model. However the Z-gantry is fixed with four large bolts and aligned with a tolerance fit. the animation doesn't really show this. But the bar linkages that allow the Z-axis to fold down are just for easy folding and reassembly and bear no structural loads at any point during actual use.

I'm currently looking into the Electronics side of things. At first i was planning on using a simple modified 3D printer electronics setup, pretty much like my Kossel 3D printer does. And then throw something like GRBL on it. However i'm not really sure that's the best option for this build (possibly linuxCNC or Mach4?). if anyone has any suggestions, be sure to comment, chat, mail or use carrier pidgeon whatever floats your boat.