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A (sort of) low cost CNC with broad capabilities and low storage volume

Oscar S.Oscar S. 01/21/2020 at 22:250 Comments

So, it's been a while since the last update. However it's mostly been waiting for parts to arrive from china. But in the mean time i've made some progress. 

firstly, the sides of the gantry plates were awful, the mounting holes are machined, but the outline was done on a plasma cutter to save time. so i spent an entire evening filing and anding the sides clean and flush to make it all seem way nicer to the eye.

The sides of the gantry plates as received

so i'm pretty happy with the result after some hard manual work

secondly, all the MGN rails and almost all of the carriages are in. Also some M3 Bolts, M5 bolts, T-slot nuts, spacer plates and 2020 extrusions have been received. So i've been able to start assembling the y-gantry. 

pretty happy with the overall fit and finish. The  blue printed motor mount plate is just a temporary place holder to check the design. 

I designed the gantry plate to be mounted with M5 bolts to the 2020 extrusions. Now did i find out that the extrusions i ordered had a larger inner hole, so i've drilled out the gantry plates and mounted the gantry plates with M6 bolts, however i just had one bolt laying around, so it is temporarily improvised with a threaded rod and a bolt as you can see. But i ordered the right bolts and should be a drop-in replacement once i have those.

after i got my new ER11 collet set in the mail, i designed and printed a nice small box for it to prevent me from losing them.

and lastly i remembered i had a random block of scrap metal laying at my parent's house wich would be perfect for the front and back frame rigidity improvement brackets (i'm not actually sure what to call them, see the last log. those).

i've contacted someone from my uni to check when i can access the workshop to machine this block to finish. But as the other 2020 extrusions are not yet in, there's no real reason to hurry. 

For the next few weeks i'll be focussing on my examns so i'll probably post an update as soon as the complete frame is ready for assembly.

It's great to see the interest in my little project!