Off grid solar panel usage

To develop appliance which use solar energy only in Off Grid cause.

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Off grid solar panels without batteries have a problem that not easy to make full use of possible energy. Available energy changing quickly and if I switch on some current consumer then I may use grid current only in some cases. Solution target is to regulate some current consumer to use solar energy available only. Means hot water or swimming pool heating.

First part of the system could be data collector of solar panels status.

There are two possible solutions how to collect the data:

1. Measure solar panels status directly.

2. Use invertor data available on RS 485 interface. They use Modbus protocol.

I prefer second option. It is a bit more complicated but DC power is a bit danger and I want sent data by WiFi local network to spare long wiring. Therefore I should have some intelligent device near the invertor anyway.

Compact solution is for me  unsuitable due to not enough room near the invertor and very long and complicated wiring to appliance. (heating)

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  • 8 × Solar panel GWL/Sunny Mono 300Wp 60 cells (ESM-300 Full Black GWL POWER
  • 1 × GridFree AC Inverter with limiter 2kW SUN-2000G (45-90V) GWL POWER,
  • 1 × Rasberry Pi 2
  • 1 × RS 485 interface for Pi

  • Log #1

    JanoHak12/12/2019 at 17:47 0 comments


    I start the system definition with part one - Solar panels status data collection.

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