1. Some parts we need in this project.

2. The screenshot of some steps.

3. Circuit diagram.

4. Finished and test.

Product list:

IR2161 http://bit.ly/2pUztvc

Capacitor 330uF/200V http://bit.ly/2DLgAi3

Capacitor 1000uF/63V http://bit.ly/2GRP31A400v

Capacitor 105/400V https://ebay.to/2Vq3JfV

Capacitor 100nF http://bit.ly/2QK6ph7

Capacitor 331/1KV http://bit.ly/2X3YGiE

Diode 1N4007 http://bit.ly/2tt5dFO

Diode FR107 http://bit.ly/2VquG38

Resistor 1K http://bit.ly/2XXF9R3

Resistor 27R http://bit.ly/2UkRRLN

Resistor 22K/2W http://bit.ly/36USP3V

Fuse 2A http://bit.ly/2Sveig8

Capacitor 1nF http://bit.ly/2SYCB2s

Bridge Diode 2510 http://bit.ly/2LG3EjU

Resistor 0.22R/2W http://bit.ly/2CDBIW8

Mosfet IRF740  http://bit.ly/2GCBjaT

Diode MBR20200 http://bit.ly/2IDyIiu

Diode Bridge 2510 http://bit.ly/2LG3EjU

More details, pls check the video on Youtube: