Why Penguin?

A project log for Companion Penguin

A companion robot based on a penguin (For those who wants a penguin but hates the cold)

Hazim AzmiHazim Azmi 12/12/2019 at 12:260 Comments

An animal had to be chosen for making the companion robot. I have narrowed down my choices to three: an Owlet, Baby Penguin and a Wombat. Through several comparisons in multiple categories such as cuteness, basic knowledge on the animal and ease of mobility, the Penguin won the selection.

Penguins aren't known for their efficient way of walking, therefore, it might have problems in waddling. Prototypes will be made by just having the skeleton first, attached with servos to test the its capabilities to produce basic motions such as walking and waving. A plushie was bought for £5 to help me visualise and make the initial skeleton (and probably to hug it during this cold winter too)