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A project log for 3D printed Bluetooth speakers - LittleJet!

My goal is to design a 3D printed standalone speaker based on transmission line theory - info: Martin J. King -

Davide ErcolanoDavide Ercolano 12/13/2019 at 18:340 Comments

Hello there, this is my first project here and I'm kinda excited for.
I'm working on this by some months now and finally I have something to share. It is not a completed project yet anyway and I have some plans for it, infact my next step will be to implement (I already found it) an amplifier and a bluetooth connection and finally make the LitteJet a standalone speaker.
I also want to verify my design for validation of the design process testing the speaker into an anecoic chamber.
See you soon then!

Davide Ercolano -