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That moment when on wednesday you find out, your circuit you need on friday don't work...

Just look at the pictures, the videos and the how to, adding the LED string to the jacket actually took the most time (except from that AppImage that didn't work)

  • 1 × WS2812 light string
  • 1 × blinky tape controller board
  • 1 × ugly jacket
  • 10 × safety pins
  • 1 × USB powerbank

  • 1
    Solder !!!

    Solder your BlinkyTape Control Board to the light string.

    Us some hotglue to protect the solder joints.

  • 2

    Download PatternPaint from

    Connect the BlinkyTape Control Board to your computer.

    Start PatternPaint, if all works start playing.

    In my case i had to download the source from their github repo, open the .pro file in QTcreator and run it from there. I run I3 on Arch on a ThinkPad BTW.

  • 3
    Mount it.

    Take your ugly jacket, the safety pins and the string. Fix it somehow, Take care not to  block it too much.

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