Roman LED Clock

It displays hours, minutes and ... your birthday

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A nice clock, but how to tell the time...? Well, the upper circle displays the hours. The middle part displays the minutes and the last part the seconds or... a year.

You can enter up to 25 dates you want to remember. If you see the clock as a calendar for a moment, it becomes (more) clear. For example your wedding day is 12 February 2010, then the clock will display 2010 (MMXX) at 02:12 am and 02:12 pm for 60 seconds.

So, FEB 12. 2010, becomes II, XII, MMXX on the clock. This only lasts one minute and then seconds are displayed again.

SEPTEMBER 25 1937, becomes IX. XXV. MCMXXXVII.
DECEMBER 2 2002, becomes XII, II, XXII

The years can range from 1900 to 2399.

The data entry is done via a WiFI network of the clock .
Also, the clock changes color every hour. On your wedding day it will blink all day.

I made two variations. One gets it's time from GPS, the other from the internet. This last one also receives firmware updates.

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HarryTheB wrote 01/21/2020 at 17:22 point

Clever stuff - love the wood finish.

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remcoNL wrote 12/23/2019 at 08:38 point

If you count one letter words.. YES!  I think the color is better because of the shutter speed needed to capture the LEDs... (sorry)

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Dan Maloney wrote 12/18/2019 at 17:27 point

So thanks to the Romans, it's a number clock that's also a word clock.

Nice looking casework. Is that just birch plywood? It looks richer somehow...

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