A project log for 8-bit Counter

Ever want a display that slowly counts up in binary to 8-bits? Well this project does just that!

sirmylesaverysirmylesavery 12/16/2019 at 15:120 Comments

Having verified the project with a bread-board, I decided the next step was to build a proto-board version. I think I did this at some point in February of 2019. Using some sockets for the DIP ICs in case I messed up the soldering, I soldered the parts to a proto-board. I also 3D printed a case for the proto-board (not pictured).  It's powered by two AA batteries (not pictured) which are connected via some jank connectors that can be connected backwards by accident.

Below are some bad pictures of the proto-boarded version of the 8-bit counter. I will try to uploaded better/more photos once I get back to school where this is.