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A project log for Colordance Circle

Art piece that creates kaleidoscopic colored shadows. Arrays of high-powered LEDs in a circle, pointing at the center.

Adam DemuriAdam Demuri 12/20/2019 at 06:030 Comments

Colordance Circle is an evolution of the original "Colordance" project. Here are some images of the original Colordance in action:

Here's a quick description of how that worked:

There are two components, the podium, and the screen. The podium contains a 5x5 DMX stage light:

The podium also has a control box, for changing parameters of the effects:

The control box is made of solvent-welded, laser-cut acrylic. The control box PCB includes a Teensy 3.5, the potentiometers and encoders, connectors for the buttons and APA102 LEDs, a DMX interface (with galvanic isolation), and an SD-card based logger.

The screen is a large piece of white spandex material that we attached to webbing and velcro:

The screen is rigged on the bottom, and velcroed to a piece of rigged webbing on the top. The velcro is selectively blocked so that the screen will detach when wind speeds hit roughly 30mph.