1.Component needed in this project.

2.Connect HC-SR04 to arduino: VCC--5V; TRIG -- PIN13; ECO -- PIN12; GND ---GND.

3.Connect HC-06 to arduino: TX--RX;  RX--TX;  VCC--3.3V; GND--GND.

4.Connect the arduino to pc and do the following things.

5. Download the serial monitor app and test the project.

Product list:

Hc-sr04 ultrasonic distance sensor   https://www.utsource.net/itm/p/1916859.html

Jumper wire   https://www.utsource.net/itm/p/9221305.html

Arduino   https://www.utsource.net/category/devel-component/arduino-nucleo-1.html

Hc-06 bluetooth module  https://www.utsource.net/sch/Hc-06%20bluetooth%20module

Usb for arduino

More details, pls check the video on Youtube: