It is a project based on the SMBacker RTC but without Disk On Chip memory and a very low profile, which has the standard RTC port 70h mapped as fixed. The visible part after being inserted in the ISA slot is little more than the size of a 3V CR2032 battery as can be seen in the last photograph.

It differs from the first version that I also have published on Tindie by replacing all discrete logic with an SPF ATF16V8B, including the configuration of the port, thanks to which it could be reconfigured because the SPLD IC is into socket.

Sergey's Micro8088 project lacks RTC unlike the other Xi 8088 project also designed by him. For this reason I decided to redesign the existing SMBacker project, removing the part of Disk On Chip that I consider unnecessary, and reducing the size of the board as much as possible.

The small size is a differentiating element in this project, while maintaining the ease of welding in this second version when using throuth hole technology.

Also gold fingers contacts for greater signal reliability and board durability.

I have modified the micro8088 BIOS to make it compatible with it (version 0.9.7), and Sergey has optimized and improved the code, use the latest 8088 BIOS version. Binary images are available here.

However, this board can be used on any other PC with an ISA port and appropriate management software.

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