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Microwave synthesizer - experiments with microwave black magic

michal777michal777 06/29/2021 at 17:270 Comments

I've made a new revision of the project. See for KiCad design, various simulations, design description. It's mostly redesigned, a little simplified although still I didn't try to avoid silly design decisions so don't expect high performance or usefulness of the design.

Short summary of changes:

Unfortunately I've not much possibilities of measurements above 6GHz (up to 6GHz I use arinst-ssa, although it has undefined performance above 3GHz), also measurements in the circuit (without cutting out a measured block or making a new copy) are inaccurate (SWR of connections matters a lot) so I'm highly uncertain about performance of particular circuits. The whole synthesizer provides about 7dBm max over the 4-7GHz range, if I can trust a 20$ power meter (I can't actually...).