While this design was created as a development tool for Afero and Afero's customers, we believe it is more generally useful.

The github repo contains the full Altium design files (schematic, board, integrated library, drawing templates, and output scripts) and is licensed under the Apache 2.0 license.

For more information on the Afero Secure IoT Platform please see: https://developer.afero.io/SystemOverview

The Afero Platform abstracts the connectivity of edge devices to the cloud service into an attribute based data model that is portable across different radio and network types.  You can spend your time developing functionality of your device and let the Afero system manage the cloud connectivity and phone app.

We have a lightweight interface library targeted at MCUs here: https://github.com/aferodeveloper/afLib

Documentation for the MCU API can be found here: https://developer.afero.io/FW-API

Please note that the Afero Secure Radio firmware stack and hardware security modules used in the design are not publicly available.  Please contact Afero about licensing these items.

Also, the 32kHz crystal (and load caps) on the backside of the board are optional.  Loading them allows the ESP32 to keep good time even when going through various power states and frequency/voltage scaling of the MCU cores.  If you don't care about low power or keeping fine time, you can NoStuff these components.