I ordered the parts!

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I2C 10-DOF Featherwing with Sensor Fusion

Mark Aldritz Dela VirgenMark Aldritz Dela Virgen 01/17/2020 at 22:080 Comments

Today is a good day for 10AxisFeatherWing (and LE)!

After checking the PCBs for the 10AxisFeatherWing and 10AxisFeatherWingLE, I ordered the parts from DigiKey, and the PCBs from OSH Park. I am so excited to try these things myself!

Also, I just found out that my school just had reflow ovens, so I look forward to making (or baking) these PCBs!

Here are a few pictures of the PCB renders from OSH Park:

Ain't those purple PCBs cute?