Hue lights and lightgroups usage from the 3d webapp

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wassimWassim 01/04/2020 at 14:070 Comments

demo light and group dimming

We see in this demo the user controlling the lights from both lightgroups and individual lights. Note that such functionality in some other apps would require to switch to another screen that offers the individual lights of a given group while with this webapp, it is possible to click on any individual light or light group from one single view.

Note : This project is not related to the hue devices supplier and is a simple user of the provided API.

Hue features

Hue config in blender

configuration of hue light name in blender Light bulb object Custom properties.

Hue events application code

lights broadcast their state on startup and as a feedback when updated from javascript

Hue light groups

Indiviual lights have to be attached to a parent mesh that have these custom properties