Hang drums are cool. Electronics are cool. How cool would a selfplaying Handpan robot be?

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Woodworks, Electronics, 3D-Printing, Software .. and a far too optimistic schedule to finish this off

Hangdrums are serious cool devices.

Too bad I suck at music.
Let's make a robot!

Design goals: 

  • self contained
  • esthetically pleasing
  • open source
  • transportable

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  • MIDI works!

    overflo12/26/2019 at 10:37 0 comments

    It works! 

    And it is super fast. 
    That worked out much better than expected, thank you PJRC for that super nice MIDI integraion with Teensy.
    I can absolutely recommend teensy for MIDI.

  • What? Why? How?

    overflo12/26/2019 at 10:25 0 comments

    I finally bought a hangdrum.
    This magical music device creates very nice (over)tones and has a scale that differs from the classical intruments in terms that all notes "play" together.

    It's really hard to play in a way that sounds bad.

    My plan was to finally understand music and get into it with this instrument after a llifetime of failed attempts.

    Turns out, it's not the instruments it's me. 
    But as this is still a very nice device to listen to, I decided that I will not give up this time, but rather try another route.
    I might be bad with tones and rythms and patterns.. but i am good with software and electronics.
    So I built a robot to do the job for me.

    It supports MIDI in (over USB) and .mid playback from a micro SD card.
    My goal is to have this portable and battery powered so i can take it to the shopping streets of vienna and collect money from the people walking by to pay for the material and time it cost me to build this.

    Of course everything is 100% Open Source as with most of my work.

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