A project log for NOAA LB-CD

My take on an autonomous satellite image collector grabbing from NOAA 15/18/19. (Leave Behind - Collection Device)

Nate SchroederNate Schroeder 03/31/2020 at 19:500 Comments

Reflashed the RPI4 and used this info to try and get more consistent results as well as have a location to store the images.  

I added the website to the project under "Images Server". This is just a basic website that tracks the next satellite it will be capturing along with the recent images and upcoming passes. I might flush out this website and post more of my RF projects on it, or create an entirely separate one. Using AWS S3 which was very easy to setup and getting running and it was free!

Also 3D printed a couple of parts to flesh out the build. This included a mound for the RTL-SDR module along with an adapted for the antenna so I could use a tripod as a stand for it. Check the description for all the pictures of the build.

Once I (hopefully) get consistent results with this revision, I am going to try and find a nice spot for it, nice and elevated somewhere. If anyone has a roof I can borrow, let me know. I might also add a SAWBIRD filter and LNA depending on what the images look like.