Bluetooth configuration is ready to be tested

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Long-life battery powered photo frame that renders a Screen every morning and goes to sleep - WebService to render Bitmaps

Martin FasaniMartin Fasani 04/02/2020 at 12:560 Comments

After about one week of work and 3 public repositories being updated: 

1. CALE app | 2. C++ Firmware (cale_ble branch) | 3. CALE Webservice

I managed to get first Bluetooth app and Firmware working together. The idea is the config will be simplified to copying one JSON string only that will contain at the same time: 

  1. WiFi SSID + Password 1
  2. WiFi SSID + Password 2
  3. Screen URL
  4. Bearer token

This will be sent to the Firmware per Bluetooth (Only ESP32 of course since ESP8266 does not have Bluetooth)

And it will save it on Preferences, restart, and Voila! Your display should refresh with the Screen URL and go to sleep until next refresh.

Now we would like to invite the project followers to try it. And of course if you have fellow hackers that like EINK displays, please give them a hint and invite them to test

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