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Martin FasaniMartin Fasani 04/09/2020 at 12:010 Comments

At CALE we are implementing this weekend a very fast and reliable API with the mission to serve content to the new CALE Android app, that is already published in Google play store, but I'm making the last updates for a more user friendly release in the next days

  1. Service times
    With this feature we will be able to check if the display needs to be
    updated on every wakeup. For exanple defining Monday -> Friday from 8 to 17:59 Hrs it will update the display only when it wakes up between this service times. How is done?  The firmware will ping the new CALE API with their screen_id and the API will respond with a single byte: 0  or  1, when is 1 the refresh will take place Firmware update will be released on the weekend. This will enable us not only to make battery lifetime longer but also to spare API calls since not all the APIs are free (I use for example AWS Cloudwatch and it costs around 3 dollars per month)
  2.  Mobile API
    Just for a preview, after login enter in: and preview the QR code. The idea is to enable the CALE App to scan this code and then the Android App will be connected to CALE. Planning to list screens, logs, and of course send send Screen configurations with one click, without need to copy/paste from the website

Please note that we are also offering to print T5S board housings for free if you register in

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