A new impressive 12.48 Epaper is added to the list of supported devices

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Long-life battery powered photo frame that renders a Screen every morning and goes to sleep - WebService to render Bitmaps

Martin FasaniMartin Fasani 06/10/2020 at 14:070 Comments

On our Web-Service now there is a new model available:

With astonishing 1304×984 pixels this 12.48" display is a very nice hardware. It also worked out of the box after configuring the Waveshare demo example (That I made mine just to improve it a bit)
So what's coming next is a CALE Firmware for this one. That must be different than the existing since this display looks like a big epaper but the are in fact 4 epapers working together.
So it shares MOSI and CLK for all SPI slaves, but it has one Chip select line each of them, and I've still didn't discover why, they share RST and BUSY lines in groups of two. So it's going to be a nice challenge, to download a BMP from WiFi and stream it in the display Buffer.
If you have a github account and are interested in epaper dissplays please put this repository in your Radar
I'm trying to make a multi-epaper display component. It's working already with 6 eink models from different sizes and I'm quite excited about it since it should be more optimized than the existing Arduino framework classes we are using. So if you have some epaper displays hanging around your workshop, don't be shy!  Just tell me the model and I will add it so you can try it out. Keep in mind is only at the time to be used as an IDF component and not in Arduino-framework.