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Martin FasaniMartin Fasani 10/13/2021 at 10:180 Comments

Since two weeks I've enjoyed collaborating on a Firmware for ESP32 to convert an EPDiy based epaper into an Epub reader  (Like Lilygo EPD47)

This is the repository:

My collaboration so far was to add touch functionality and helping to use the right Waveform for this test epaper.
If you have one of this devices or any EPDiy PCB with a parallel epaper feel free to try it out!

And if you like it don't be shy and ★ the repository!
Build it with platformio and save some books in the /data folder (2 or 3 since SPIFFs has not a lot of free space)
It uses git submodules so remember to clone it using

git clone --recursive

 And then just push the SPIFFs data folder into the device in Platformio terminal and after that build it

pio run -t uploadfs

 Short preview on my twitter timeline