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A project log for CALE Low Energy Eink wallpaper

Long-life battery powered photo frame that renders a Screen every morning and goes to sleep - WebService to render Bitmaps

Martin FasaniMartin Fasani 02/04/2020 at 14:230 Comments

What you need to build this in your side:

Look at the components for more information. All components excluding the 3.7 Lion battery cost around 35 u$ or 40 top if you want a very low sleep consumption ESP32. But you can use any ESP32 that you already have, the essential part that is the EInk costs 26u$ in Aliexpress. Make sure to select it with Adapter Board that is the SPI adapter.

The result after building is like this, a small dynamic Eink, that you can stick to your fridge or without magnets and 2 holes, to mount on the wall. 

Backend integrations are coming soon in a new format, with a small Admin-Backend so you can select what to print in your screen, plan looks like the following. 

If you like the idea, just send me a short message, here or add me to your twitter and I will add you back.