Credit where credit is due - the origin

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Jumbled digits on clockface, but hands still point to the correct digits

Michael MöllerMichael Möller 12/23/2019 at 15:310 Comments

I am still trying to find the original YouTube that inspired me - to give credit where credit is due. I saw it many years ago (2015?) but the idea stuck in my mind.

It showed a handrawn clockface, where the hour positions had been mixed up. At the back there was some motor(s) that moved the hands. It was a very thrown-together project. Precisly how the hands moved and pointed to the digits I can not remember.

What I will "borrow" from that vague memory of the video, is a clockface where the hour position/digits are jumbled, but still evenly spaced around the circle, and of course still be able to work out what time it shows.

Thats not orginal either

Got a comment from Dave, which enabled me to find a swiss designer/clockmaker that had a similar idea - at least the clockface part. That webpage gives no indication of if the hands actually move different to an ordinary movement. I think it only is a nice and fancy case.