Earswitch as Drum Controller and Gaming Switch

A project log for Earswitch: assistive technology switch & new HCI

assistive technology interface & games controller etc - an earphone switch controlled by voluntary contraction of a middle ear muscle

Nick GPxNick GPx 05/19/2020 at 21:480 Comments

To show potential benefit as a general interface; The Earswitch prototype can be used with Switch ViaCam software to control Drumkit software , as a handsfree drum control.

The SwitchViaCam can output definable keystrokes and Drumkit can be configured to accept these keystrokes to generate a drum beat handsfree; I guess like a bass drum with a pedal (clearly I am no musician!)

SwitchViaCam could also be used in a similar way for gamers ; for an extra handsfree control - its been suggested that could be used to replace “Push to Talk” and “Aim Down Site” view (although , again I am not a (recent) gamer)

In SwitchViaCam (MUST open as Adminstrator)

Config> Select USB Otoscope Camera (needs to be plugged in)

Enable Sensor - select box

Drag and expand selection box (blue box) to cover the middle of the eardrum (not shown here)

Decide on output keystroke in “Event type”

Alter Time Filter/Motion Detection Threshold (see below - alter to get required sensitivity)

Open -  DrumKit or Game - & alter the keystroke required for the control input

Clearly it may be hard to get hold of the otoscope currently but if anyone lets me know how they have used this, I would be very grateful