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Real Hardware Sega Genesis VGM Player

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MegaGRRL Desktop is a simplified respin of my original MegaGRRL portable YM2612 VGM player. Play Sega Genesis and Master System music from an SD card using the original sound chips. Development continues on a portable player, but the desktop version is now available for anyone to build.

Demo video on YouTube:

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    natalie05/14/2020 at 00:12 0 comments

    Hi everyone! Sorry, I've been forgetting to update with progress on this project. Short story is the hardware has been working well, and a few people have let me know they've built their own, which I'm pretty flattered to hear.

    Software was 90% there when I released the project at the end of December. It was functional, but missing a lot of polish. I've been chipping away at it over the last few months, and it's finally getting close to what I'd consider a feature-complete 1.0. Of course it's usable for all of the project's original goals, but I keep thinking of new cool things to add!

    Here's a screenshot of the home screen, which I just finished doing a new full-color background for.

    As far as the portable version is concerned, I think I'm going to discontinue working on it in its original form. But, I have something really awesome planned for later this year that should be interesting to anyone who wants a portable player. Stay tuned to the website and Twitter for news on that when it becomes available!

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