A project log for DIY 100 KWh PowerWall

an old datacenter UPS can make a decent powerwall for the house I live in.

NathannNathann 12/26/2019 at 12:330 Comments

As we dismantled out old battery rack we discovered that water flooded around a centimeter under the pallet. Its a (very) old basement and we discovered that during winter water infiltrate it and let the floor wet. This is a problem since the wood rot in such humid environement and we have to adapt our plan.

We are now forced to make some brick pillar to create a dry floor for the battery. preferably in a configuration such that we can connect all the battery longitudinally and make best us of the 4 horizontal connexion we can make.

(I may have to forget to mention that the UPS need 4 battery pack at 288 V each this leave out 8 battery out of the 104 and 96 will be really usefull)