How it works:

Behind each door there is a push button checking its status with the help of the arduino clone. The arduino will only trigger the dispense mechanism when exactly the right doors are open and closed. The dispensing mechanism is driven by a servo motor that simply moves 5 chocolates forward and backward and where the doors are open the chocolate ball will drop down because the top part of the door is not blocking it.


The doors and servo arm are 3d prints, everything else is lasercut plywood and acrylic glass.
It actually took multiple tries designing the dispensing mechanism as it had to run smoothly to not get stuck and it is still not perfect.


If there are people interessted in the vector and 3d-print files I can upload them but the whole design is not perfect yet and needed a lot of extra glueing, rasping and fine positioning of buttons and doors to make it work. Also everything is fit exactly to the size of the chocolate balls. Next year I may do a redesign with better dispensing mechanics that