555 Roulette Wheel

LED roulette wheel using a 555 and 4017 decade counter.

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I found this circuit on 555-timer-circuits and I had to make it!

I was looking for things to do with my stash of 555s when I found this fun little roulette wheel. I think it would make a neat interactive badge. 

Then I found this video that explains it amazingly well:

  • 1 × 5-12VDC
  • 1 × 555 timer
  • 2 × 3.3MΩ resistors
  • 1 × 10kΩ resistor
  • 1 × 330Ω resistor

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  • Must make PCB!

    kristina panos01/07/2021 at 21:01 0 comments

    I don't know why I walked into the woods on this one. But I took enough time off from looking at it that when I looked at it again, I discovered that all the LEDs were wired incorrectly. Now it's been another four months or so since I looked it over. Wonder what I'll find this time?

  • O Fortuna!

    kristina panos12/29/2019 at 13:42 0 comments

    Got them working in circle format. Now I that I've verified the spin order, I can redesign that PCB. 😬

  • Fritzing around with vias

    kristina panos12/28/2019 at 13:55 0 comments

    Yesterday I went from

    • drawing my PCB plan out on the whiteboard, to
    • thinking it would be nice if I knew what I was doing enough to put some components on the back, like the coin cell holder at least, to
    • figuring out how to do it in Fritzing. Crazy! I've made my via bed and now I must lie in it.

  • It moves!

    kristina panos12/28/2019 at 00:57 0 comments

    Isn't that Jell-o cube LED awesome?
    I have no idea why it takes so long to slow down and stop. It wasn't doing that earlier. The suspense may kill you.

  • Breadboarding and resistor substitution

    kristina panos12/26/2019 at 23:37 0 comments

    I've breadboarded this up and it sort of works. I think the problem may be the extremely short leads on my 1uF cap, or else the fact that I don't have any 3.3MΩ resistors and substituted with three 1MΩ resistors in series. I do have six 100kΩ to make up the .3 on each, but I worried I wouldn't have the room. Time to rewire!

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Mike Szczys wrote 01/06/2020 at 22:08 point

That's some sweet spinning action. The slow down is quite satisfying!

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