Meet the prototype in the making

A project log for Dualcade

A do-it-yourself, 3D-printable, tabletop arcade cabinet to enjoy two-player games in the 80's arcade style. The perfect party ice-breaker!

lorenloren 01/04/2020 at 20:370 Comments

First half of the prototype is almost completely printed! I'm printing using a pretty common Creality Ender 3, that's why I'm creating the 3D models in pieces that must be glued together. It's also a way of avoiding tedious support printing.

This prototype is helping me debug lots of small details that I didn't even think of. Here's how it looks now:

The design is built so both halves are exact copies, you just have to print them all twice, and everything is then interlocked with screws very securely. This might also open the possibility in the future to prepare a simple rear cap to be printed and fitted in one of the halves, for those who prefer a single-screen version.

Also, screens arrived today and I was able to debug the design for a perfect fitting:

More updates will be coming soon!