Project Pause

A project log for ClosetFab - CNC in (limited) Space

Budget CNC designed with minimal space in mind, with modular attachments planned for future versions.

xobmoxobmo 08/01/2016 at 14:240 Comments

Well, limited space indeed. My significant other decided we needed the room in the outside closet, so I had to move the machine to her mom's. With that, came a little more space (it's a garage) and more trials and errors and upgrades too. I have changed from LinuxCNC to grbl on an Arduino clone. Still using DRV8825 drivers, but now I just lug my laptop over there and use Chilipeppr to drive the thing. I have changed the design a little using some new drawer slides I found at Lowe's. (Hardware store) More to follow including some design pics!