a new case and a lesson that I should spend more time on slicer settings

A project log for electrical energy monitor

a simple approach to home energy monitoring (with smart home integration)

stefan.schnitzerstefan.schnitzer 01/03/2020 at 07:031 Comment

I designed and printed a new case... 

...with mount brackets for the DIN-rail and some ventilation grilles.

It came out useable but some details got lost.  (4h @0.32mm layer height with an 0.4mm nozzle)

In the future, I should set the focus on print quality instead of short print times. 


jddf2 wrote 05/14/2020 at 19:53 point

Yes, every time life gives us a lesson) My friend Henry Brown ( ) also makes mistakes, but he tries to make some conclusions from them. He is a writer at freebooksummary (e.g., red kayak book, hamlet and so on) and he says that life without "lessons" is too dull))

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