Quantity   Component name
1 × STM32F411RE Nucleo
1 × MCP23017 I2C Input mux for the keypad
1 × Adafruit SoundFX board
1 × Cheap power supply board for 5v/4A supply off Aliexpress
3 × Sparkfun level shifter boards For the MAX7219s. The ICM7228s didn't need them.
1 × Cheap PAM8403 amp board
2 × 4ohm recycled speakers
4 × MAX2219 One each for the set of day/month/year for R, G, Y and one for the minutes for all colors.
3 × ICM7228A One each for the Alphanumeric LEDs for R,G, Y
9 × Kingsbright common cathode 2-digit 7-segment LEDs in R, G, Y
3 × Kingsbright common cathode 4-digit 7-segment LEDs in R, G, Y
6 × Kingsbright common anode 2-letter 14-segment LEDs in R, G, Y
12 × 5mm LEDs in R,G, Y