Quantity   Component name
1 × Arduino Pro Mini You will need the 3.3V version. I am using the 5V version, but the Atmega 328 isn't designed to run at 16MHz at 3.3V, so using the 3.3V board is a safer bet
5 × push buttons of your choosing I am using 2 different kinds simply because I didn't have enough of one kind
1 × male 30 pin Apple dock connector the harderst part to find. There are some available on ebay, or you can get a cheap ipod acessory and get the connector from that. You can also try getting one from a cable.
1 × A 3.5mm headphone Y splitter cable or just a very short 3.5mm extension if you only want one audio jack
1 × A USB cable to connect the dock to power For charging the iPod
1 × 6.8k resistor
1 × 10k resistor
1 × Some thin wire I recommend 30AWG single core wire meant for wire wrapping
1 × A Bluetooth audio transmitter Optional
1 × Various tools and supplies Soldering iron, epoxy glue, wood screws (if you are making the case as well), ...