New Years morning. Quickly open the fridge to find something for breakfast only to do it too quickly, ejecting a leftover gin and tonic all over the kitchen floor.

Breakfast time gives you time to reflect on lifes choices and this is the moment that I realised I had the necessary technology to remedy my problem.

Lucky for me the top half survived, thats the part that touched your mouth and keeps all the contents nice. Something a PLA print would not be able to accomplish.

I set about looking for my vernier calipers, only to realise that I didn't own any. So a crappy plastic ruler and my eye-crometers would have to suffice.

Good enough, I was going to round all those numbers anyway.

Time to draw a picture. Open up Fusion 360 and get cracking.

My first sketches were of the entire piece as one, but this would be a 10+ hour print with the amount of overhangs...

Better split that in two.

Next update in 4 hours hopefully.

Trial period on my geometry guessing unit must have elapsed. Why did I think that would work? I had many hours of sleep.

Also the 3D print wasn't happy with the 30deg angle of attack here, that and the minimal infill I used.

Back to the drawing board.

Only a 1.5 hour print this time, and a bit of superglue later:

Contact area looks decent.

And now I have a slightly taller, plastic-ier glass to use when guests are around.