Designing the new case...

A project log for Resto-Mod 8 bit microcomputer

Retro-Futuristic 8-bit AVR based computer with 5" TTL CRT, PS-2 Keyboard, Serial Thermal Printer, PCM sound, and flash file system

john-andersonJohn Anderson 04/22/2020 at 06:520 Comments

Spent a couple hours in the shop this evening digging up materials and playing with layouts for the new case.

I think I have it roughly figured out. You can see the profile template I created laying on the cheap laminated shelving board in the pic above. I cut that out to see how it will look and fit together. I also figured out how to hack up the Data Analyzer case that is donating the CRT, power supply, cooling fan, and power switch/relay. It will also provide the base and top cover over the CRT. 

Some painted sheet aluminum from a different parted out analyzer will be used for the keyboard and front face plates.

Now I just need to dig up some 12" x 1" solid wood self boards or something similar. These cheap laminated boards aren't going to hack it. I'd like to use solid wood that will take a stain reasonably to maintain a proper retro home-built look. I think I can find some pine shelving board without doing anything too drastic.