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A project log for Double-Oh Battery

A Wi-Fi-enabled power supply in AA-battery form factor. Originally designed for sex toys but has the potential for so much more!

Space BuckSpace Buck 01/07/2020 at 20:470 Comments

Lots of hardware tweaks today! This is my first IoT project and I have a lot to learn. For example: I implemented code that lets you specify a fixed IP address, and connect your ESP module to your Wi-Fi network. I tried setting it to and typed in my Wi-Fi SSID and PSK. The module connected to the network! Woo! Serial output confirmed it was serving my settings page at that IP address. So I tried browsing to it. And...I couldn't reach it.

I can't change the fixed IP without reaching the settings page, and I can't reach the settings page until I change the fixed IP! Short of clearing the EEPROM, there's no way to rescue that module.

So now I know how important a "factory reset" button is.

See those gold pads under Q2? If you short those while booting up the board, the system will load its default values instead of whatever you had configured previously. That's what I mean by "factory reset." It's a useful feature and I'll be sure to include it on future designs!