Seeing Double

A project log for Double-Oh Battery

A Wi-Fi-enabled power supply in AA-battery form factor. Originally designed for sex toys but has the potential for so much more!

Space BuckSpace Buck 01/24/2020 at 09:200 Comments

The theme of this log is duality. The double-oh project on Hackaday has doubled in population! [Spatz] is a full collaborator now and brings with him a grand redesign of the double-oh: a 4-layer PCB, populated on both sides, with all kinds of protections and sweet new features. HOWEVER, I'm still working on my own design, a 2-layer PCB with components on one side only, because it's fun and I still think it has some merit. I've incorporated lots of [Spatz]'s work into the 2-layer design, but I'll let him discuss the major changes in a forthcoming project log.

Two developers. Two different designs. Lots of progress for double-oh in the year two-oh-two-oh!