Another major milestone

A project log for Double-Oh Battery

A Wi-Fi-enabled power supply in AA-battery form factor. Originally designed for sex toys but has the potential for so much more!

Space BuckSpace Buck 08/16/2020 at 19:450 Comments

Two weeks ago I got the web interface working well enough to serve a webpage with guestbook. That was on PCB v2.4. Now, with PCB v2.5, we have voltage control! That's right, not only can you see the current level of the Li-ion battery, but you can control the output level of the double-oh itself! By default, it outputs approximately 1.5 V, like a standard AA cell, but it can go as low as 1.1 V and as high as 2.6 V! I am positively giddy that so much of the project is working as hoped. Up next: OSHWA certification, maybe?