General information

  • original circuit by Technoblogy
  • added push button to switch between modes (not implemented in program yet)
  • uses standard CR2032 3V lithium button cells

Soldering hints

  • add a small dab of solder to one of each SMD pads first
  • place each SMD component, apply heat with soldering iron to secure component to first solder pad (with the dab)
  • solder other side of each SMD component
  • solder all other components except the battery holder. With the LEDs it helps to bend the leads to around 45° after inserting to hold them in place:
  • cut the IC sockets pins flush to the board
  • solder the battery holder
  • done!

Programming the Attiny85

  • use a proper programmer or an Arduino Uno or Nano to flash the chip
  • install the AttinyCore in your Arduino IDE (or not if you use some other (proper) IDE)
  • use the following settings:
  • select "Burn bootloader" from the Tools menu
  • upload the program
  • done!