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A project log for SMART Response XE BASIC

Turn a SMART Response XE terminal into an 80's flavour pocket computer

fdufnewsfdufnews 08/07/2020 at 20:040 Comments

I have just commited the updated software to my github.

The save/load/delete/dir functions are working like a charm. There is only one limitation no subdirectories allowed. I have made some tests with subdirectories but dir was always crashing. Regarding the application, I think it is of little importance.

I have adapted the already existing functions that were written for an external EEPROM


SAVE "MYPROG", creates a file MYPROG.BAS  containing a dump of the basic program space.

LOAD  "MYPROG", loads the file MYPROG.BAS in memory and it can be executed

DIR, displays card content on the screen

DELETE "MYPROG", does what it means.

I have added two new functions

UNMOUNT, close the SD card and frees the memory in order to eject the card

MOUNT, open the card and keep it ready for use

MOUNT is automatic after a reset and when recovering from SLEEP

UNMOUNT is automatic before entering SLEEP

So the card can be extracted while the terminal is sleeping and the card recognized at wake up.

The status line has been slightly modified in order to display the status of the SD card.

The card reader is incorporated into the terminal.

The inside of the terminal is now a big mess of wires