Far from dead!

A project log for Synth Glove

No, it doesn't make sounds - it's an LED Vader-San Synth glove!

XasinXasin 09/23/2020 at 18:580 Comments

Oh, you thought this project was somewhere on hiatus, huh?
That perhaps 'ol Xasin's been going away from his nerdy things? Not at all!

The last few months have been... Weird. For me and for everyone, for sure.
Apart from online University and having to be home a lot more than usual, I also started writing my Bachelor Thesis... So I haven't had as much creative energy to put into things like this.
Don't worry, I will get back to this stuff when I have time, but I am realizing more that there's no rush, and right now there are other things to focus on.

Remember that yourselves: Take time for the important things, like yourself :)

Regardless, I have been making slow and steady progress on this whole thing.
Apart from a few gorgeous demos on twitter, I also started working on the foam construction of actual wearable pieces, I've started talking with other makers in this field of expertise, and I also started making a 3D model for the head!

That's the thing this project is going for next, by the way. Pretty 3D printable models~

Right now it's a bit of a weird... Cheese-Grater kinda model, but I promise there's a plan :P
Be patient, tag along, and you might see OpenSCAD, Blender and FreeCAD put to... Very creative use :>