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hrkltzhrkltz 01/24/2021 at 09:450 Comments

Finally I could implement the last missing part of my concept for LabDroid: Variables!

Now it's possible to store information and reuse them on another run of the same project.

For example: If you would make a RC controlled car which is equipped with an Android phone running LabDroid, you could store/accumulate usage data like driven distance or used energie.

How to use

1. Step: Add the variables you need. You can choose between number or string as a dataytype. The String datatype can also be used to store JSON serialized objects.

2. Step: Connect them to your script.

3. Step: Use them in your script. :)

4. Step: And here is the result! 

Note: The variables will be saved if the project is finished. During runtime they stay in the memory to provide the best possible performance. 

Beside of another feature I will add this year, I want to focus more on making the application stable, improve UX and add more components. 

WIsh you a nice sunday!