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A project log for 1978 "Heathkit" D&D Digital Dice Tower

Resto-Mod Dungeons and Dragons Digital Dice Tower based on a 1975 Bell & Howell IMD-202 Digital Multimeter

John AndersonJohn Anderson 01/23/2020 at 07:220 Comments

Now that the case has been modified, a controller board has been wired up and connected to the power supply / nixies, new switches installed, and code loaded and debugged. The only thing remaining is to update the graphics on the faceplate to match the functions of the new switches and button.

This starts with removing the old graphics. 100% acetone and a rag is all you need to do that. Simply soak some acetone into the rag and rub the graphics you wish to remove. It takes a few minutes of wiping to get each section clean. Avoid getting acetone on any graphics you wish to keep. In my case, I left the graphic "bezel" around the nixie display window.

When you're done the base silver paint will still be there but the black lettering will come off completely.

As shown in a previous log, I laid out a new set of graphics to scale using Inkscape in my PC.

I printed this to a water slide decal paper and transferred it to the faceplate before installing the switches.

The water slide decals were very easy to apply and look pretty good in the pics I've posted. But in person you can make out the outer edges of the transparent backing. So if you use it, trim it very close to the graphics and/or trim to align the edges of the decal with the edges of the faceplate. For my next revision of this hardware, I'll try some old school embossed labels for a 70's home-built look.

Speaking of the next revision of this hardware, I'll be wrapping up this project and marking it completed. I'll create a new project, "1979 Heathkit D&D Digital Dice Tower", to cover the next iteration. It'll be based on a the same Bell & Howell multi-meter, but it will have some new features, components, and software. So look for it and "follow" if you want to checkout some of the new features like sound/voice.