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A project log for 1978 "Heathkit" D&D Digital Dice Tower

Resto-Mod Dungeons and Dragons Digital Dice Tower based on a 1975 Bell & Howell IMD-202 Digital Multimeter

John AndersonJohn Anderson 08/19/2022 at 04:470 Comments

I am closing this project and have already created a new one capturing all of my dice tower designs. The new project also has a series of detailed blog posts describing step by step how to build the most recent dice tower design based on the very attainable Bell & Howell IMD202 digital multimeter. It also includes the project/source files and binary images for the firmware. So I encourage you to check it out and "follow". You can see the new project here: Resto-Mod Audible Digital Dice Towers

BTW, the new project is a finalist for the Supplyframe DesignLab: 2022 Hackaday Prize.