Scan of a 3D print by 3D printer using 3D printed parts

A project log for LadyBug BEEFY: 3D printer motorized microscope

Got printer? Connect to the motors with a Pi, plonk in a cheap scope, and do 2D and 3D scans!

WayneWayne 02/25/2020 at 03:230 Comments


bout a hundred pics with 25 percent overlap. Color rendition is alright, stitching artifacts are minor, detail is excellent. 

And there's a trick for getting fewer exposure problems! Rather than using the black plate background and getting that autoadjustment issue around corners, I happened to have a printed sheet of the same color filament I could just slip underneath. It actually makes a pretty big difference: 

Of course I also took a max focus image of a section, though I got it a bit wrong --- I wanted just a gear. 

Also about a hundred pics with 25 percent overlap.

And since it's relevant, here's a scan by the original ladybug, of its own stage. 

It's interesting to compare the squished, oily look of the orange plastic, which was the first layer printed onto a build tak, and the gold top layer of PLA, which gets duller and crumplier as you zoom in. Something something heat and expansion and a place to go!