Put simply, PixelAvenue is a 19×15 pixels video screen hanging from the ceiling of a walkway under a motorway.

Its position is strategic : countless people walk through this 30×40m tunnel everyday, and even more when a sport even takes place at the Stade de France, which is very very close...

How does it work ?

One RPi B+ plays the videos over the Ethernet network and feeds frames to the 3×#WizYasep boards (each controlling 6 or 7 strings of 15×RGB orbs).

Two RPI2 gather signals from PIR sensors and microphones and process them into messages that are sent to the master RPi B+, which selects which of the 140+ videos to play, depending on the scenario and conditions.

Each RGB orb contains a WS2811 and controls up to 6W of LEDs under 12V.

The team:

Concept and visual design: Fred Sapey Triomphe
Production: Digitalarti
Project lead: Martin Giraud
Electronic and software design: @Yann Guidon / YGDES
Sensors design: Olivier Gilquin
Structural design: Techni’cité
Construction: Bentin